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Pay no attention to the person behind the curtain

“We wish Laurie Smith had decided to retire after 16 years as Santa Clara County sheriff”. – San Jose Mercury News Editorial Staff (May 27, 2014)

It’s nice to see someone else finally gets it. For those who know the horror show known as Sheriff Laurie and her reign of inept leadership this comes as no surprise. For those new to this site or story, there is so much more information if you are willing to take a little time.

The following video was sent to me in hopes of providing context to the stupid things that come out of Sheriff Laurie’s mouth. Unlike Sheriff Laurie, the Deputies do answer critics with facts. They recently announced a vote of no confidence against Sheriff Laurie. Almost 90% of the deputies told her to pack her bags and leave. They have zero faith in her ability to lead the Sheriffs Department, especially after seeing all she has done and lied about during this election.

Sheriff Laurie and her political consoler Rich Robinson offer the public nothing other than distractions and information having nothing to do with the questions surrounding Sheriff Laurie’s leadership and her questionable ethics. Sheriff Laurie also does nothing to back up any of her accusations or her fantasy “accomplishments.” Like the Wizard of Oz, Robinson is hoping to distract the public so they won’t look behind the curtain and find the truth of what Sheriff Laurie really is; a political stooge void of credibility, ideas, leadership, and respect.

Sheriff Laurie, at the end of this election what will you have? You have completely lost the trust and respect of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department. You have taken every opportunity to lie to the public at the expense of the people who work on the streets and in the jails of this community. The only people even tolerating you at the office can probably be counted on one hand. You have managed to surround yourself with managers of ineptitude. You have no credibility to serve in law enforcement outside of an elected position where you can not be fired for all the things you’ve done.

When you loose this election you will have even less. Your friends who only support you in hopes of influencing and controlling your office will have no need for you any longer. All the people who you have trampled along the way will remember how generous (laugh) you have been to them over the years.