That’s what lawyers are for

Today we answer the question: Did Sheriff Laurie ever encourage violating campaign finance laws in order to raise more money?

It’s only illegal when you get caught, or that is how the saying goes. It appears Sheriff Laurie lives by the philosophy even today. Let us take a little lesson from the police academy. It seems fitting the first class in the academy is about leadership and ethics, Learning Domain 1 (LD1).

LD1 is the start of the academy and is the basis of everything that comes after. It teaches the basics of leadership and stresses the importance of ethics. Ethics is sometimes described as doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Either Sheriff Laurie was never taught about LD1 or chooses to ignore it. As a member of the POST commission I am sure she is quite familiar with the training academy program, especially since she has worked so hard to keep her academy afloat at any cost.

It’s now time to answer one of the questions as promised. Did Sheriff Laurie ever encourage violating campaign finance laws in order to raise more money? Yes she did. Many years ago she told the DSA Board she needed more money for her campaign. The Board told her they had already contributed the maximum amount. Her answer was, “I don’t care. Figure out a way and if there’s a problem, that’s what lawyers are for.”

They told her no at that time because they knew it was wrong. Clearly she knew but did not care. I guess ethics do not count when you are elected and you have gotten away with whatever you want for years.

It should come as no surprise Sheriff Laurie has once again stooped to her old tricks. There are almost 10 examples of Sheriff Laurie doing the same thing again this campaign. Let’s focus on just one today because hopefully someone will pick this up and notify the authorities.

Phil Restivo is a good friend of Sheriff Laurie’s. He owns a limo company named Le Grande Affair (how appropriate). Phil contributed $3,000 to Sheriff Laurie by using the different businesses he owns and attempted to get around campaign reform laws. It looks even slimier because the contributions were done as separate transactions even though each of the contributions were made on the same day. Likely an attempt to hide the true source of the money. The documents are linked below.

It looks like Sheriff Laurie is getting desperate. Probably because she is scared she will loose the $40,000 she loaned herself when she looses this election. I wonder if the bookies will come looking for her like they did for George Shirokawa?



FPPC file links

Restivo 1
Restivo 2
Restive 3



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One response to “That’s what lawyers are for”

  1. Fed Up says :

    Welcome back Phantom, your information was accurate and informative. Vote for honesty, morals and professionalism, vote Kevin Jensen.

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