It’s only dirty or unethical when it’s not me

Recently, Sheriff Laurie and her political consoler Rich Robinson convinced Larry Pott to wade into the stormy political waters of the Sheriff’s Race. The Phantom heard it took some convincing to finally get Larry Pott to get involved.

Since the flyer is cited as the cause of this new anger, let’s take a critical look and actually read the flyer instead of spinning it like Rich always does. (by the way Rich, thanks for the free advertising on SJI).

The flyer reads “When will the voters finally say enough is enough of Laurie Smith?”

It then goes to point out three failed cases under Sheriff Laurie’s command.
1) DeAnza – Failure to take the case serious and deploy sufficient investigative resources. (more on this one in another post)
2) Audrie Pott – Delay in investigation leading to lost evidence and some suspects never being brought before the court.
3) Aldon Smith – Preferential treatment and using him for fundraising while under investigation for several felonies (Just convicted of those same charges on March 21 2014)

The flyer goes on to say we need a new Sheriff and vote for Kevin Jensen.

At what point did it say the Pott family endorsed anyone? The answer is no where. This flyer is all about pointing out Sheriff Laurie’s failures. How can you possibly point out how bad Sheriff Laurie and her leadership screws up cases if you cannot possibly talk about them?

But of course Sheriff Laurie wants to do everything possible to NOT talk about the problems she is being called out on. She has been doing that almost her whole career and especially this election. The first time she FINALLY talked about one of the issues (Aldon Smith and the Disney Flash-pass program at the jail) we see how transparent of a liar she is. In a statement to the Palo Alto Post she admits to using Aldon Smith was a mistake. She then follows up with “It’s probably not the biggest felony I have committed, probably…” I can’t wait to hear about the other felonies she has committed.

So why would Larry Pott get involved at this point you might ask. Well, let’s look at all the pieces and what kind of pressure he must be under.

The Pott family attorney is Robert Allard of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, LLP, contributors to Sheriff Laurie and also good friends of slimy attorney Chris Schumb and political consoler Rich Robinson. In fact Robert Allard gave a total of $1,250 so far this year through his law firm and personally.

Robert Allard is also suing several people, one of which fell out of favor with Sheriff Laurie. It is disgusting Robert Allard would use his clients and a distorted view of the flyer to play political games. Rich Robinson’s goal is to continue to distract the public from the real issues in this race. The continued failure of Sheriff Laurie, the fact the failures keep repeating, and her refusal to answer her critics or the public.

I honestly believe Larry Pott is upset by all this and the fact the Sheriff’s Office could have done more to investigate the bullying and death of Audrie. No one likes to talk about problems and bring up issues you would prefer closed and never talked about. What he and the rest of the public need to ask is two simple questions.
1) Why did the Sheriff wait three days to start seizing evidence?
2) Would any other police department in this County or even in the State do the same thing?

My prediction on the answers are: Incompetent leadership starts at the top and NO! I have been unable to find any law enforcement agency that says they would have waited three days to collect evidence they knew was out there.

Know the difference between what’s political distraction and what is political criticism. Distraction often follows those hiding from criticism. Just like Sheriff Laurie hides from the public, hides from those asking real questions, and hides from herself because she can’t even get her stories straight.



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