Everyone is picking on me


I received a call from Brannan Smith not too long ago. He was asking me to make a donation to Sheriff Laurie’s campaign. I have to admit I was a little confused to hear from him considering he and Sheriff Laurie are divorced. Yes, divorced and done very silently out of Santa Clara County and finalized in January of 2012.

After a short chat I received a call from Sheriff Laurie herself. She told me she did not know why everyone was picking on her. She didn’t know who to trust anymore because everyone gives her bad advice. I had to laugh inside a little. Bad advice from people like Troy Beliveau and Chris Schumb? No way!

First of all, no one is picking on you Sheriff Laurie. There is a difference between picking on you and exposing all the things you don’t want exposed. As they say, the truth hurts. The Phantom will not stop until you are gone from office. Rest assured, there is much more to come.

Second, the fact people give you advice and you don’t listen is the very reason you have failed over much of your term in office. Many, many people have given good advice and you refused to head it. I know you like to brag how you’ve promoted everyone to their current positions. How ironic isn’t it? You can’t trust the very people you’ve promoted. Once again, many people gave their advice and you failed to listen. You are reaping the very seeds you have sown for the last 21 years .

Sheriff Laurie has become an ineffective leader by her own hand. She rarely shows up to work, doesn’t take good advice given to her, has made many poor promotional choices, makes poor choices on where to spend money, and now can’t even trust the very people she promoted. Please go, you’ve already embarrassed your office enough.



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