From Sheriff to Puppet Smith


Did you ever see the movie The Manchurian Candidate? The plot is about a war hero who is brainwashed and placed into politics. The very powerful Manchurian Corporation puts the war hero up as a vice-presidential candidate. Once in place, they would control him to control the government.

After reading Sheriff Laurie’s candidate statement the Phantom could not help but think about The Manchurian Candidate. Sheriff Laurie’s ballot statement is written in the 3rd person. Most ballot statements look more like this one. She clearly didn’t write the creative pipe dream of a statement. The Phantom doesn’t know at any time when the Sheriff’s Office “focused on keeping children out of gangs, off drugs, and in school.” What psychotropic drug induced fantasyland did that happen in? It sounds like the Manchurian Corporation (political consoler Rich Robinson) didn’t even do his homework on this one.

So someone else has to write her ballot statement for her? Clearly she can’t be that busy because the Phantom hardly sees her at work. She regularly shows up late to meetings, if at all.

Besides, John Hirokawa is the one who really runs (read: drives into the ground) the Sheriff’s Office. He probably can’t stand her interfering all the time. Remember the recent “Sheriff to help SJPD” story where John Hirokawa didn’t have a clue what she was talking about? Now image this scenario on a daily basis at the Sheriff’s Office and you start to understand why the place is so dysfunctional. And that dysfunction starts at the top, Sheriff Laurie.

Consider for yourself what type of person you want controlling law enforcement in this County. The Phantom for sure does not want a Puppet Laurie controlled by unknown individuals who clearly do not have the interest of the County in mind. Let’s dump Puppet Laurie this election. We can’t afford more failures.




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