May day. The beginning of the end

On May 1st in 1961, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro banned all elections in the country. Why? As he said, “The revolution has no time for elections.” Maybe Sheriff Laurie was right; She is a dictator and there is a coup.

Sounds a lot like Sheriff Laurie. She has no time for the public to actually engage them in discussion. She doesn’t take any time to actually talk about public safety, her primary job! In a letter addressed to the DSA, she demanded the ability to “set the record straight.” Where is she now? She has been given every opportunity and yet she is nowhere to be found.

Silence from such a “strong” incumbent is often the sign of someone who has something to hide. Sheriff Laurie, your silence also tells us you have NOTHING intelligent to say. The reasons you are not accessible and not seen in front of the media is because once people get about 1 minute to talk to you, they figure out how hollow you are.

Let us start with the answer to question #1

Sheriff Laurie was famous for making friends. She and prior Merced County Sheriff Tom Sawyer had an affair. That choice screwed up his marriage and from what the Phantom has been able to find there was evidence of a restraining order at some point. But was this an isolated incident?



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