Watch her lie


Today, the Phantom wants to give Sheriff Laurie a chance to tell the truth and we want to let you share in this test.

On May 1, 2014 the Phantom will reveal the answer to one of the following questions. Why May 1? Because the Phantom wants to give Sheriff Laurie and chance to do the right thing.

Go ahead and ask her a couple of these questions:

1. What was the name of the elected Sheriff whose marriage she screwed up?
2. What is one of her most famous sayings?
3. What business did Sheriff Laurie have in common with people arrested in the last couple years?
4. Where does all of her money really go?
5. What plans does she have for her next four years in office?
6. Did she ever encourage violating campaign finance laws in order to raise more money?
7. The REAL reason Sheriff Laurie provided a bodyguard to convicted and jailed ex-politician Gorge Shirokawa.
8. The statements she made about Cindy Chavez after she endorsed her.
9. What is her favorite color?
10. What activity is Sheriff Laurie famous for in the Lake Tahoe casinos?

While you do, watch for the following:
– Constantly pulling her jacket trying to close it around her waist
– Gasping for air like a puffer fish as she stalls for time to make shit up
– Attack the person asking the question instead of answering
– Stuff her face with food hoping to keep from answering questions
– Play dumb and claim she had no idea
– Blame someone else

You judge for yourself and if you don’t think you got the answer then come check back on May 1.

What makes May 1 so special? You’ll just have to check back for that answer too.



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