Best course of action is to move forward

Al-dumb Smith

Smith and Smith, what a combination. Both Sheriff Laurie and Al-dumb Smith hooked their wagons to each other after the now infamous stabbing and shooting at Al-dumb’s house. Only to be outdone by Sheriff Laurie using him for fundraising at a private party and then the attempted cover-up of Al-dumb’s gun problems. And then….. to be outdone again, Sheriff Laurie gave Al-dumb special treatment when he was arrested for crashing a car while drunk off his ass.

Many, many sports writers, professionals, radio personalities, and fans are calling for the 49ers to dump Al-dumb. Al-dumb’s notoriety and skill has been outweighed by his stupid and dangerous decisions. In his short time as a pro ball player, he’s managed to get arrested for DUI twice, have more than one shooting at his house, get stabbed at an out of control house party with gang members, get arrested for illegal guns, try to get Sheriff Laurie to cover up his crime, and then threaten security staff at LAX saying he had a bomb.

Just like Al-dumb, Sheriff Laurie has had her one-too-many stupid things she’s said and done. Sheriff Laurie failed to do her basic job of protecting the public and managing her office in a productive and ethical way. The Sheriff fails again and again when it comes to managing high profile crimes; failed to properly investigate the DeAnza rape case, failed to properly investigate the Audie Pott case, failed to take advantage of all the resources offered by other agencies in the Sierra Lamar murder, failed to prosecute Al-dumb for illegal weapons, failed to take the Metcalf power-plant sabotage seriously, and failed again and again to tell the truth when confronted with questions about her actions.

What people should be seeing here is Sheriff Laurie continues to fail, again and again. Why is it she doesn’t seem to learn? Because she doesn’t like someone else telling her she is wrong and what to do

This same attitude and management style can be seen in the Sheriff’s top ranks today. They fight among each other, blaming one another for failures, and hoping to avoid the wrath that is Sheriff Laurie. Once again, proof of why people are “scared” of her and even the media sees her as a bully. Between refusing to listen to other views and people scared to even talk, how is anything to get done at the Sheriff’s Office? This is exactly the problem, the Office is stuck and can’t move forward.

If the Sheriff keeps lying about what she does or doesn’t do, how we are supposed to trust her with the future of the Sheriff’s Office. Some theorize she’s screwed up the Sheriff’s Office so much with the people she has promoted and how she has divided the Office it will take years to undue the damage; and that is only if we stop now and change course. It will take even longer if Sheriff Laurie is allowed to continue driving the Sheriff’s Office into despair with a fifth term in office.

Just like Al-dumb, the voters of the County need to kick Sheriff Laurie to the curb. She should not play a single down in 2015. We cannot afford another failure because unlike Al-dumb, we are talking about the lives of people and not competitive sports. If your family or child were the victim of a crime do you want the Sheriff’s Office to investigate the case? So far, they’ve done a great job of screwing things up.

This June election, tell Sheriff Laurie you have had enough and vote her out of office. We all deserve better.



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