Seeing Double Lately?

If you are up on politics at all you would have seen a fiction piece written Sheriff Laurie’s political consoler, Rich Robinson. In the poll conducted on her behalf it shows the weakness that is Sheriff Laurie. A four-term incumbent with only 51% (+/- 3.7%) of respondents saying they would vote for her before they sales pitch was written?

Politically speaking, that’s pathetic! The article then goes on to say that the other candidates are virtually unknown. Can you say DUH!? Of course they are unknown. The other people who are running are not four-term incumbents who do nothing more than worry about how good they look, and not about how they are serving the public’s interest.

Sheriff Lauries’s political consoler goes on to say the poll shows her rating is “dizzying”. The article reads more like an episode of pitchmen than a poll of facts.

The Phantom had to do a double-take after reading an article by the same political consoler in which he states, “In short, they (San Jose Mayor candidates) should reject a poll driven campaign and engage focus on their strengths.”

The political consoler goes on to say, “The biggest complaint against politicians, in general, is the willingness to pander to the electorate instead of showing integrity and leadership. Voters can vote for someone while disagreeing on some issues, but they will not support people who lack veracity. Integrity is the single most important issue for voters, including crime—but it is rarely quantified in a poll.

Ok, maybe it’s just the Phantom who is confused. So are we supposed to look at the polls and how popular Sheriff Laurie is? Or are we supposed to seek out a candidate who has integrity because it is the single most important issue?

Rich, you appear to be arguing with yourself because I know, you know Sheriff Laurie. “Integrity” was torn from her dictionary a long, long time ago. The Phantom does agree with you on one point you make: You can’t quantify integrity in a poll. The meaning of the poll conducted on behalf of Sheriff Laurie could be titled, “Approximately 51% of voters don’t yet know how much integrity Sheriff Laurie lacks.”

Come on Sheriff Laurie, show us your integrity. Let’s see a debate among all the candidates for Sheriff and let us judge for ourselves instead of having a political consoler try to convince us through a phone poll.



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