Walk the talk

So we have heard a lot about Sheriff Laurie and her lack of leadership, lack of real experience, lack of communication skills, and lack of ethics. A previous posting discussed emulation as a form of flattery. One of the goals of proper mentoring is to demonstrate those behaviors and values, which are considered desirable. One of the true tests of a leader is to examine their subordinates and how they perform on their own.

The other day the Phantom saw a Captain smoking a cigarette under a pine tree outside the Main Jail. First of all, it appeared the Captain was closer than 30 feet from the building. If so, that would be a violation of the County’s very own ordinance about smoking. The Captain then finished his smoke, threw the cigarette on the ground, and then rubbed it out.

What does it say about a Captain, one of the top levels of management, who can’t even obey simple laws that say you are not supposed to litter? This Captain had to have known they were in public where everyone can see everything they are doing.  It tells you what type of mentor he has had. One that says “the law doesn’t apply to me.” That Captain likely feels empowered by the fact they have not been disciplined for the unethical behavior they continue to perform. And where did they learn it from?  Emulation is indeed a form of flattery Sheriff Laurie.

* Phantom


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