October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

This is a public service announcement.

Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

The Phantom was studying for an exam recently and stumbled upon what looked like a biography of Sheriff Laurie. I would highly encourage everyone to read the article.

—– Bullying – Twenty Basic Traits —–
If you know Sheriff Laurie, the article is spot on.

I think I know why Sheriff Lauries own people are now standing up against her. They recognize the signs of a classic schoolyard bully and realize the damage it is creating to employees. The employees of the Sheriffs Department want to serve the public to the best of their ability but it is very difficult when you have someone at the top who is in desperate need of psychiatric treatment (if only Agnews was still open).

Bullying is pervasive in our society and sadly extreme bullying resulting in suicide is happening in our own backyard. If the signs of bullying are there what is one to do? First of all, don’t perpetuate it. Do not tolerate when it happens to others and speak out when it does. When a bully is supposed to be a leader the problem is even worse because the bully has been delegated the authority to manage people and believes managing someone means they can control someone.

The Workplace Bullying Institute has a very enlightening article about workplace bullying. It also talks about the effects, solutions, and the overall ineffectiveness of attempts by the targeted employee to stop the bullying. In fact, the study found that once targeted for bullying an individual faced a 78% probability of losing the job he or she once loved.

The study points out the many different methods employees tried in order to stop workplace bullying. The one glaring statistic from the study is this: Effectiveness of doing nothing: 3.25%. Of all the methods listed, it is the least effective. The proof shows doing nothing will not fix the problem. If you’re getting bullied at work, tell a friend or representative. The reality is you are better off getting help than trying it on your own.

The time for change is here. Sheriff Laurie needs to leave.


Be someone's hero today


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