Drink the Kool Aid My Children

It has started (just as it does every 4 years).  Sheriff Laurie is officially pouring her kool aid out for all of her followers, new and old.  Sheriff Laurie is pulling out her old bag of tricks and offering promises of favor, special positions, transfers, and friendship.

The Phantom finds it ironic that the very scam used by inmates to own a jail guard is the same scam Sheriff Laurie and her friends use to attract new followers.  Just one small favor, just one little advantage goes a long way.  You take it because you see it as a gift and you sure can’t turn it away, can you.  You know the difference between right and wrong but this favor or special assignment you just got offered doesn’t seem like a big deal.  Is it?

But once you’re in, how ever slight, Sheriff Laurie knows she has her hooks in you.  You just got played like an inmate plays a jail guard.  An inmate looks for any guard who will break the rules, just a tiny bit.  Something as simple as breaking a guards glasses and then paying him cash.  (By the way, don’t take the money stupid)  All you have to do is keep getting the guard to do a little bit more each time until they are too far in and can’t get out.  A compromised guard isn’t doing their job anymore, they are the inmate’s bitch.

So what did you get offered today?  What do you think you will be asked to do or have you already done it?  If you find yourself in this position remember, your integrity is everything.  Doing the right thing is doing it, even when no one is looking.  If you can’t do that then do everyone a favor, find another job.

So watch out for the kool aid girl and definitely, don’t go sippn the juice


Kool aid girl


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