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The Sheriff is no stranger to hiding truth

Ahoy maties.  Pull out your hornpipe and grab your grog bucko cause we gonna tell you a little treasure story on national talk like a pirate day. Yar once a time when old Laurie was lookn fer ‘er first election. The scalawag had a complaint filed against ‘er for sexual harassment by a bucko under her command. When she heard about t’ complaint filed by a man named Gary Brady, she decided t’ make it Avast away instead o’ risk bein’ exposed for what she was a bein’ before the election.

The scalawag marched right to internal affairs ‘n swiped th’ tapes which would prove her guilty ‘o th’ charges. Thar was a witness who watched her take th’ tapes ‘n even implicated ‘ol Sheriff Gillinham in th’ coverup.

When th’ metroactive newspaper started lookin’ into th’ story, th’ scalawag sent th’ sea beast from Davie Jones locker (lawyer Doug Allen) threatenin’ th’ paper not to publish th’ story.

Arrr, ya think the scalawag passed along ‘er ol’ trickery to her best and brightest?

Show yar pirate face Laurie!




Why people look for a new job

How does your workplace rank on the toxic scale?  Read this and judge for yourself.  It seems everyone is writing about Sheriff Laurie and her leadership lately.  The Phantom thought the only toxic environment was getting gassed at the jail.  Make sure and keep them shields down

Speaking of Handlers…….

The Sheriff has a long and glorious track record with dogs (K9’s).  The kind most police departments use to catch bad guys and protect the cops who protect us from people of the likes of these.

How is it that the Sheriff’s Department, which serves an area of over 1,300 squares miles, a population of 1.8 million people and boasts of how many contracts it has, have just one dog to protect it’s deputies and it’s people?  One dog, who works on average 22% of the week.  So Sheriff Laurie is a gambler, just like one of her old political buddies.

It might have to do with something like the Scooby case where Sheriff Laurie and her henchmen tried to impart their version of “fairness” after an unfortunate accident.  Whether or not Scooby should have been kept is not the point.  The underhanded way in which the case was handled, how much money her decisions cost the County, and how Sheriff Laurie was embarrassed, is what the Phantom really noticed.

Ever since the Scooby case in 2003 the Sheriff’s Department has had very few dogs meant to protect deputies and catch bad guys.  So does Sheriff Laurie hate dogs or the handlers?  Probably the handlers, since dogs don’t usually talk back and file lawsuits.

But now it’s 2013 and Sheriff Laurie is spending over 2 million dollars to build kennels at the Elmwood jail in Milpitas.  2 million dollars for a building to house dogs when she can’t even staff the jails or the streets?  2 million dollars when a lack of funding supposedly is why employees can’t attend mandated training and other schools intended to better equip employees?  And these dogs are not even the kind used to protect deputies and people from drug crazed lunatics who have every intent on hurting and killing cops.  But of course, dogs locked up in a kennel don’t talk back and file lawsuits.

But suddenly, just in the month of August, the Sheriff announced the forming of an “interest list” for K9 handlers again.  It might be surprising if it wasn’t for Sheriff Laurie and her administrators making idiots of themselves at a recent marijuana eradication at Henry Coe.  Sheriff Laurie and one of her ASs could be heard in an argument with the local fish and game wardens over a camera and how the operation was being run.  Sheriff Laurie was embarrassed by the fact fish and game wardens had several K9’s which have been credited with catching bad guys and protecting wardens and deputies from harm.

Fish and game wardens were reportedly ready to abandon santa clara county because of Sheriff Laurie’s failure to work cooperatively with other agencies (much more on this in the future).  The only reason the wardens stayed was because of the professionalism, the cooperation, and the hard work of the every day deputy they came to know and trust.

The lesson of this story – Embarrass Sheriff Laurie and then maybe you can get her to make a decision.