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The “Standard” is based upon who you are

The Phantom finds it riotous how the “standard” of punishment is different when you are popular or you have a high rank.  For instance – Let us say you are the captain of the west valley division.  At the west valley division there is a flat screen television which has been sitting around the office and no one seems to use it.  Well, why not just take it home with you when you retire.  Sure, that makes sense.

That’s not theft is it?  Was it evidence seized in a crime?  Did that TV belong to someone else?  Did it belong to the County and therefore paid by tax payers?

So let’s say you’re a lieutenant getting ready to be promoted (probably because you do such a good job performing dirty work for your handler) and you learn about a missing TV and know who took it……..what would you do?

You would go ahead and drive to the captain’s house and take the TV back without even writing a report or making an arrest.

That is how you treat a captain.  But if it were a low employee at the Sheriff’s Department it would be a full IA and a swift firing.  If you were an employee at a business you’d be arrested.  Good decisions like this will surely get you promoted to AS.



The Awakening

As the Phantom arose from slumber and searched around the Sheriff’s Office, the undeniable smell of egomania was overpowering.  The Phantom could see that ego management is severely lacking.  Has Laurie always been this way?  Probably, since she appears to surround herself with her version of the “best and brightest.”

The Phantom looks at a leader and tries to figure out what makes them tick. What motivates their actions?  The Phantom does know that a good leader would not be driven by the size of their budget.  There is no room for ignorant and arrogant statement like, “I want a budget of at least 365 million so I can say I spend a million dollars a day.”  Sorry Sheriff Laurie, you’re only at $307.8 million.